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Pretty Doors All in a Row

Remember The Eagles’ song “Pretty Maids All in a Row?”   Well these are pretty doors all in a row. Gives you a look at the scale of this project and the amount of space we took up pulling each of these together.   The mix of red and white …


Planked Crossties

These surprised us. We were stunned at the beauty of what came out of these crossties. The gum (top pic) has a flame like appearance. The hickory (two middle pics) has its well-known dark and light striations and an interesting bit of bark seam. The hackberry (bottom pic) has thin …

Wood-mizer Woodmizer in action with Dwayne at the controls. Took some of our crossties to be slabbed into 1” and 2” boards. Got some red oak, white oak and few sycamore that had an interesting grain. Taking Rail Yard Studios into a new phase with some of the upcoming desgins!

→ October 6, 2011

Crosstie Boards Just a small sample of what we were up to yesterday. Took some crossties and had them cut into boards …