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Orbea - Single Bike Stand

Bike Racks

We did a short run of our bike rack series, and we were quite pleased with the results. We threw our bikes – Orbea, Tommasini, Trek and other brands up on them and took pictures. Here are a couple of the ones that stood out from the latest shoot.


Four-Square Table

The simplicity of the design of our Four-Square Table lends itself to many interesting options. The tables were originally built with the idea of them having the four sections all up top as a four-square table. Rob Humphreys looked at it and said, let’s turn it upside down too. While …


Flow on a Curve-Worn Rail Head

The small lip on the head of the rail is called “flow.” It’s formed by trains running over track with heavy loads …


Rail Inventory

Shot these photos of stacks of freshly cut rail. This is just one way we are getting a bit ahead of things, …


Cleaning Spikes

Spikes come in covered in mud, rust and old creosote, so we clean them off. Zach ran some mad scientist experiments using …


Guitar Stand

Occasionally we throw out designs that never hit the sketchpad. Our first guitar stand prototype resulted in something that is a bit …


Getting Ready for Our Closeups

Photo shoot time again. Just did a run of wine racks – Wedge (4 bottles), 5-Bottle (weren’t we creative with that name?) and our signature Rail …


Planked Crossties

These surprised us. We were stunned at the beauty of what came out of these crossties. The gum (top pic) has a …

Callie Stacy and Witbeck Installed Conference Table-2

Going Corporate

Thanks to Callie Engstrom with FME for the photo of our Wrong Side of the Tracks Conference Table installed in its new home. It’s …


Boxing It Up

Things have been going well for us in many regards at Rail Yard Studios. We’ve gotten better and more efficient by planning …

Fall Workshop Clean at Sunset

Ambient Fall Lighting

The ambient lighting in the early evening this time of year produces some amazing photos with no help from filters or any …

Bandsaw Blowout

Bandsaw Blowout

No casualties. Bandsaw tire gave out on the lower wheel today though. Kind of hampered production.