Always Improving – New Feet on the Triangle

We rarely stand still for very long, so it’s easy to understand a little over two years into this thing we call Rail Yard Studios, we’ve modified our original designs. The is one got new feet and a lighter look to it.

Sometimes it’s because we see a “better” way to build a piece. Sometimes, it’s just because it’s a “different” way to build a piece.

So here is the Triangle Table. This one is open in the middle, and we simply used the dome head drive spikes to hold the sections in place.

Opening up the center also took away the place where we had a foot on the table – uh oh. But then Zach piped up and said, “How about we use cut section of rail inverted on the bottom of the timbers as the feet?”

Great idea, Zach! So here it is with an open center and cut rail for the feet of the table.

IMG_1894 IMG_1897

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