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December 2012


One of a Kind – Here We Go!

It’s always great to take Rail Yard Studios on the road – tiring and hard, but very gratifying. We love getting to see people’s reaction to our product, and we’re flattered that we’ve been so well received in Chicago – the rail capital of the United States. So we are …

Orbea - Single Bike Stand

Bike Racks

We did a short run of our bike rack series, and we were quite pleased with the results. We threw our bikes – Orbea, Tommasini, Trek and other brands up on them and took pictures. Here are a couple of the ones that stood out from the latest shoot.


Four-Square Table

The simplicity of the design of our Four-Square Table lends itself to many interesting options. The tables were originally built with the idea of them having the four sections all up top as a four-square table. Rob Humphreys looked at it and said, let’s turn it upside down too. While …