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November 2012


Flow on a Curve-Worn Rail Head

The small lip on the head of the rail is called “flow.” It’s formed by trains running over track with heavy loads for years and ultimately deforming the heads of the rail. The wear varies as is evident in this picture. The bottom left is a rail that is curve …


Rail Inventory

Shot these photos of stacks of freshly cut rail. This is just one way we are getting a bit ahead of things, so we can be a bit more efficient. As demand for Rail Yard Studios has ticked up, we’ve found ways like this to improve our process and allow …


Cleaning Spikes

Spikes come in covered in mud, rust and old creosote, so we clean them off. Zach ran some mad scientist experiments using a tumbler to figure out the best method and best time to achieve the patina on the steel we wanted. The results were astounding. It saves us lots …


Guitar Stand

Occasionally we throw out designs that never hit the sketchpad. Our first guitar stand prototype resulted in something that is a bit …


Getting Ready for Our Closeups

Photo shoot time again. Just did a run of wine racks – Wedge (4 bottles), 5-Bottle (weren’t we creative with that name?) and our signature Rail …


Planked Crossties

These surprised us. We were stunned at the beauty of what came out of these crossties. The gum (top pic) has a …