Boxing It Up

Things have been going well for us in many regards at Rail Yard Studios.

We’ve gotten better and more efficient by planning and adding some process to the mix – that’s just part of what Rob Humphreys’ experience has brought to the table. He focuses on creating bottlenecks in our process and then figuring out how to eliminate them. That’s led us to add new equipment to the shop among other things.

Here’s a prime example that made our lives easier and made things better for our clients as well:

We had been custom-making each crate as we shipped out. That worked just fine while we were learning and getting up to speed. But as we got more proficient at our design and building process, that became our biggest bottleneck. It was slowing us down getting product out the door to our very patient clients.

So we surveyed our product line. We were able to take our main designs and place them into 4 groups and thus 4 primary crate sizes.  So now, 90% of our product will fit into 1 of 4 crate sizes. Trust me, it sure beats building a built from scratch crate each time.

Custom orders still are subject to the one-off crates, but they often times will fit into 1-2 of our standard crate sizes (yeah, like we planned it that way). Suffice to say, it is a huge improvement from where we were.

And just to make it a bit sweeter, we managed to get our branding on the new crates with all the time we saved!

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