Streamliner Conference Table

This is the second of the two conference tables for Stacy & Witbeck as directed by FME Architecture + Design. Both of the tables are nearly ten feet long, and you can find the other conference table here.

This was a collaborative effort with Eric and Callie from FME asking for some revisions to the original design that quite frankly, I was hesitant about at first, but I wound up really liking the result. 

We used some beech and hickory timbers and a dark stain to give this its distinguished look and strong profile. As with the other conference table, it is built with an extensive system of cable runs to conceal all of the hi-tech AV system.

The whole thing breaks down into 11 pieces and assembles in such a short amount of time with just two people that you have to see it to believe it. Speaking of which , I should post the assembly video next.

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