Wrong Side of the Tracks Conference Table

Had the pleasure of making three tables for the new Stacy & Witbeck headquarters on San Francisco Bay. They are THE light rail engineering firm on the West Coast. Fantastic folks to work with all around! Many thanks to Janet at Stacy & Witbeck and to the architects Eric (a fellow OSU grad – Go Buckeyes!) and Callie with FME for the opportunity to do this project!

The concept is based around a railroad trestle bridge and executed using a mixture of oak and hickory timbers.

The planked top is oak crossties cut into 1” thick boards. The rail that supports it is inverted to give the effect that you are looking up at the tracks from below like you would from under a bridge. 

In keeping with the bridge theme, we have a trestle running the length of the table and it is attached to the legs using railroad bridge bolts.

And we made it pretty hi-tech, too – a state of the art AV system is integrated with cable runs throughout the table. There are two microphones that will sit in the middle of the glass tops with their wiring completely concealed and ALL wiring runs through the structure and down to the floor.

Had so much fun making this one and got lots of help from Rick Turner (the vegan redneck), Pop, Rob, Zach, Erica and many others who made it happen.

The whole thing asembles in under ten minutes with just two people, and it disassembled for shipping just as quickly. I will post that video later.

And we did another completely different conference table for them as well…oops…sorry to tease. We’ll save that one for a later post.


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