48 hours into applying patina

As it came from metal fab

Cleaning with lemon and salt

Vinegar and salt solution applied

12 hours later.

24 hours later.

Washing it down with water.

First time taking copper and adding patina to it. Started out with a clean sheet – well almost clean.

Used a lemon and a bit of salt to clean the top. Surprising how shiny it got.

Then took a salt and vinegar mixture and brushed it on.

Left it overnight – and oh my, it got green. Wound up with a thick spidery coating on it. Within 48 hours of applying the salt/vinegar solution it was fairly well dry.

Took it outside and washed it off with water to stop the reaction and get a look at it. Got it to the last pic within 48 hours. 

It continues to patina and change just a bit, but have not sealed it yet. Letting it run its natural course now for a bit longer until the client says it’s gotten to where they want it to be.

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