Beech (left) and Elm (right)

Elm (left) and Beech (right)

Elm and Beech Timbers

Some absolutely stunning timbers destined to become part of the new wedge wine rack series. The single piece is a piece of elm. The double shot is beech and elm from the front and back.

The grain pattern in the elm just takes my breath away! The beech has a more even coloring and grain and is hard as a rock!

Adding to the interest of the elm in the middle pic – the incisor marks and the bruising caused by the process are visible on the edges. Those marks are made by 3/4” teeth on a drum that are used to penetrate the outer skin of the timber to improve absorption during the treatment process – and we should point out that because our timbers are culls – none of them ever get treated so they are creosote-free.

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