“RYS 11” Brand

We finally got our own brand just like the big boys use! And we couldn’t wait to try it out, so it started here on the end of a cherry wine rack we’re finishing up today. Yes, they even make cross ties out of cherry timbers. If it’s a hardwood, they’ll make it into a crosstie.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, ties get branded on the end at the tie plant to note when and where they were manufactured, the size of the tie and/or for whom the tie was manufactured. All CSX-destined ties carry the CSX brand on them. Most of our ties come in branded GU 11 to identify the plant and year they were made and BL to identify them as Branch Line size ties (6”x8”x102”).

So we went out and got the RYS 11 brand to show we made a piece in 2011. Next year we will shift to the RYS 12 brand and so on as the years go by.

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