Rob Humphreys Joins Rail Yard Studios and Railroad Services

Sometimes we’re moving so fast, we forget to mention some things. Some really, really important things.

Over the past few months, we’ve added to the Rail Yard Studios team. 

Rob Humphreys joined us as a business partner in both the Rail Yard Studios and Railroad Services businesses. He’s a fellow native Nashvillian, a seasoned business executive and a guy who loves to work with his hands. He handled corporate finance for First American Bank in his early career before spending time as a research analyst at SunTrust Equitable Securities in NY. Most recently, he was the CEO at United Fiberglass where he still serves on the board. He’s done lots more, and you can find out all about it on his Linked In profile here.

He’s also a technology genius – one of those people that bulldogs a technology problem until he nails it down. And he’s turned himself into a social media maven. We’re very fortunate to have him aboard.

And he’s got a great name, but it’s a little confusing. Both our initials are JRH. But he’s the second in his family and I’m the third, so he’s JRH2 and I’m JRH3, so at least we can tell ourselves apart. 

Welcome, Rob.

And Thanks!

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