Louisville and Nashville Coffee Table

This one is the little sister to the L&N Credeza we posted a little while back. It is the other end of the same crosstie, but rather than repeat ourselves, we made a Double Track Coffee Table 18”(H) x 54”(L) x 20”(W).

When the crew pulled this rail out, they called me and said, “Robert, we’ve never seen anything like this,” and I could not wait to lay eyes on it.

This rail bears the manufacturer’s mark AND the railroad’s name. This rail was made by Hoesch in Germany in 1902 for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. The brand reads “L&N RR” and we only have a handful of these brands available. 

Again, we serve up our disclaimer on our Made in USA claim because these rails were made in Germany 109 years ago. They’ve been here long enough that we personally consider them naturalized citizens.

This is one of the first two pieces from that rail. Coupled with a very heavily featured hickory timber, this one has an entirely unique look and feel.

Photo credit: Matt Collins of Collins Imagery

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