Amazing People Saying Very Flattering Things

The fact that we get to spend so much of our time doing things that we really enjoy like working with steel, wood and some serious power tools is oftentimes reward enough. But when some great folks take notice of us, well it’s just plain exciting and makes us blush.

I’m terribly jealous of Molly Rigoloso living in NYC (one of my favorite cities). She gave us an amazing post in her blog  Mr. & Mrs. Rigoloso in detail after she caught wind of what we are doing. Molly, I hope you have a comfy couch for us to crash on when we come to visit.

And then, Molly shared the story with her friend Paula in Birmingham (we like it when folks share). Well, it turns out Paula has the blog Two Ellie and she also decided to favor us with an wonderful post.

No wonder our ears were burning today with these kind folks talking about us. 


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